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Anonymous Q&A on Zoom using Google Forms

Provide a Google Form through which participants submit anonymous questions. Read a submitted question out loud, answer it, and repeat. If desired, have the form linked to a Google spreadsheet for easy sorting and tracking.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Send participants the link to your Anonymous Q&A form. Give at least two minutes for them to submit questions before you start answering.
  2. (Optional) Sort the questions that come in. Grouping similar questions, remove duplicates, and/or prioritize the questions you most want to answer.
  3. Read a question aloud, answer it, and then repeat with the next question.


Prepare a Google Form asking for your participant's anonymous questions.

If you're linking the submissions to a Google Sheet, add a checkbox column to keep track of the questions you've already answered.


You can read the questions submitted on the "responses" tab of the Google Form. Alternatively, you can set up the form to link to a spreadsheet, which will allow you to sort questions and mark the ones you've already answered.

Using a linked spreadsheet will also allow you to easily use the form over and over again. When you go to use it again, hide the rows from your previous group in your linked spreadsheet before the latest group starts submitting their questions.

Substituting Apps

If you're using apps other than Zoom and Google Forms, here are the specific things your software will need to be able to do:

Google Forms allows participants to anonymously submit questions which you can immediately read, sort through, and answer at your discretion.

Additional Resources

Reusable Template:


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Activity by Meg Bolger

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Facilitation Testers Needed

This activity by Meg Bolger would really benefit from other facilitators testing it, tweaking it, and reporting back. If you give it a try in your virtual facilitation, all we ask is that you tell us how it went.

The main things we're wondering are regarding the context you facilitated it in (with whom, and toward what goal), how well it worked (what worked and what didn't), and in what ways you altered the instructions to make it work for you.