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Minute Papers on Zoom using Google Forms

Provide a prompt, then link participants to a Google Form with a long answer text field. Instruct them to take one minute to respond to the prompt, then hit submit. If you’re planning on displaying their responses or using them later in the facilitation, let them know your intentions before they start writing.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Instruct the group that you’re going to give them one minute to write a response to a given prompt.
  2. Share your prompt with them.
  3. Provide a link to a Google Form to collect responses.
  4. Check in for any questions or clarifications on the instructions.
  5. Start the timer and tell them to begin writing.
  6. Give a 10 second warning, then end the writing, asking everyone to submit what they have.


Create a simple Google Form prior to the workshop and have the link ready to copy-paste.


Decide beforehand how you intend to utilize their responses, and make sure you plan accordingly. If you want to incorporate their writing into a later activity, for example, make sure you give yourself enough time to read all the responses, and prepare that.

Default to anonymous unless you need to be able to associate individual participants with their response, in which case you can easily add a short answer field for names in the Google Form. In any case, be explicit with your participants how you will (or won’t) be using their writing in the workshop.

If you’re going to display responses to other people, sharing your screen and clicking through the responses in the Google Form response view provides a nice user experience. If you’re planning on taking the text and utilizing it elsewhere, the Google Sheets output will probably be easier to work with.

Substituting Apps

If you're using apps other than Zoom and Google Forms, here are the specific things your software will need to be able to do:

Google Forms allows participants to draft and anonymously submit text for immediate reading.

Additional Resources

Reusable Template:


Author HeadshotAustin, TX

Activity by Sam Killermann

Co-developer of Facilitator Cards and co-author of Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation. Longtime facilitator of gender/sexuality education.

Facilitation Testers Needed

This activity by Sam Killermann would really benefit from other facilitators testing it, tweaking it, and reporting back. If you give it a try in your virtual facilitation, all we ask is that you tell us how it went.

The main things we're wondering are regarding the context you facilitated it in (with whom, and toward what goal), how well it worked (what worked and what didn't), and in what ways you altered the instructions to make it work for you.