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Vanishing Options on Zoom using AhaSlides

Allow participants to vote on a decision using a multiple choice AhaSlide with four or more options. After the vote, duplicate the slide, delete an option or two, then have them vote again on the new slate. Can be repeated several times.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. With a decision in mind that you want group input on, create a multiple choice AhaSlide with each option. Hide results (to prevent bandwagoning), and limit everyone to one vote (unless it’s possible for you to go forward on multiple choices, in which case allow that many picks).
  2. Once all votes are in, display the results. Is there a clear winner? Is there a clear loser? Are the votes evenly split? Allow this outcome to inform your next move.
  3. Duplicate the slide (hover and click the copy paper icon), which will create a new poll without results, then delete one or several of the options (click the trash icons). Do this methodically, with the goal being to see if an option vanishing dramatically shifts people’s opinions of the others.
  4. Present the new poll, allow everyone to vote, then display the results. Is the distribution similar? Or did you uncover something new?
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’ve gotten the information you need (e.g., a clear consensus, an ideal Plan B, fully ruled out one option).


Use AhaSlides to prepare a multiple choice slide, including all the options you want the group to vote on. If you can move forward in your decision-making process with multiple options, select “Allow picking more than one options” and allow the number of votes that matches your possible winning candidates (e.g., if you are trying to pick two plans among many options, allow participants to vote twice).


If your participants have never used AhaSlides before, do a poll before you start vanishing options. It could be a simple poll, like a multiple choice image poll with the prompt, “Select the green light when you’re ready.” This will ensure everyone has navigated to the correct link before you open up the poll.

When you duplicate a poll on AhaSlides the results do not duplicate, so you will have to remember which options you want to delete or go back and reference the previous slide.

Substituting Apps

If you're using apps other than Zoom and AhaSlides, here are the specific things your software will need to be able to do:

AhaSlides lets you create a multiple-choice live poll on the fly with the ability to select more than one option.


Author HeadshotTacoma, WA

Activity by Meg Bolger

Co-developer of Facilitator Cards. Co-author of Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation. Adamant believer that facilitation can change the world.

Tested & Tweaked by Sam Killermann

Sam Killermann

Sam Killermann:

I used this activity in a facilitator train-the-trainer to choose which topic we would focus on next.

It worked really well! It was easy to create the slides on the fly, copy them, delete the answers, etc. The steps were clear and I didn't have to do any guessing to make it work with my group.

As a prep step, I used the AhaSlides FAQ slide feature to generate the options we'd later vanish. This made for easy copy/pasting, and gave the participants full control of the agenda.